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  1. Hey Richard,I’m wondering what could provoke a “stay” of eviction. We have tenants who have been ordered out of the building by August 11. What circumstances exist that would cause them to be able to stay longer — notably, if they had utility issues and we didnt fix them (in a hurry), could they go to the judge and say, “hey, we have issues with our utilities…we wanna stay longer.”Thanks!

  2. ability to present the Orthodox faith to a larger American audience. I outlined these points in an essay I wrote a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I have seen the good men slandered before as a way to justify bad

  3. Platoche J’attend beaucoup de Fofana ce soir , on va voir s’il a vraiment franchi un pallier . Match important pour Monzon aussi , qui doit monter qu’il est déjà intégré.

  4. How amazing and beautiful! I love the names! They are going to have so much fun crafting with their talented grandmother!It's pretty amazing to see blessings in doubles!Congratulations to you and your lovely family!~Lynne w/L.

  5. Perfect shot! Thanks for your post!

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  7. Les voitures ne sont pas majoritaires. Elles représentent moins de 10% des déplacements quotidiens à Paris. Par contre, c’est sûr que c’est à elles qu’on consacre le plus d’espace public (de circulation, de stationnement) !

  8. , you cannot enjoy even after retirement? if you have a right mindset, you can do a lot.go to all the cultural dos, watch movies, attend lectures and form groups of likeminded people to just enjoy just about anything.and then blogs have opened a new world for the curious mind! so don;t worry my friend, for a creative mind like yours, life will be interesting for ever!

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  10. Den så jeg godt på TV2 News, tror jeg det var, svært at tro sine egne blå øjne:)Faktum er jo en masse lande aldrig var blevet rige, hvis ikke vesten havde iværksat den teknologiske udvikling.Faktum er vi primus motor i at gøre livet mere behageligt for resten af verdens befolkning, men den vinkel er ikke så interessant som offerrollen og anklagerne.

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  12. I much prefer informative articles like this to that high brow literature.

  13. You came to mind out of the blue yesterday and I prayed for you. Thought I'd email you but I've had people do that to me and I looked at them like "HUH?" cause nothing was wrong. But I am praying for what you are dealing with. Our Father knows.

  14. Well, things are getting shaken up and folks are starting to get more into the picture which is very good, if only the other city fathers would get with it like Kerry is doing, whenever I see them on the tube I get the feeling of dispair and them rendering a decision on the arena is not going to be good for the city residents, oh well at least I have a better feeling about the whole thing now and if Kerry keeps up what he is doing it bodes well.

  15. Lisa, it isn’t a question of sincerity. We all have a habit of turning lemons into lemonade, especially if that is the way our minds work. But perhaps it is also a way we hold ourselves back. It did have a positive ending. I learned that this guy was not as bad as I thought, and got a moral lesson. But is that better than picking up this hot babe? Of course, chances are I would have never talked to her, but that is another issue. If I had sat down and weighed the ROI of best case scenario of the situation, I might have done things differently.

  16. mateo pisze:Do tego odleglosc imponujaca, prawie 130 km w plaskim terenie w kierunku gor, ktore wcale do najwyzszych nie naleza. Mysle, ze jeszcze sporo mozna zdzialac w temacie DO z ZG, nie wspominajac juz o samych Karkonoszach, ktorych fotki dostajemy od Was relatywnie rzadko.

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