Nyora Fundraising Update

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Since August 2021, the Nyora Studio fundraising team have been working hard to raise $50,000 for Nyora to help pay for legal support that will help Nyora remain open.

Fundraising activities included:

  1. A GoFundMe campaign which resulted in $11,130 in donations.
  2. Nyora Studio Art Auction (8-17 Oct) which generated $40,547 in sales.                                        Altogether a whopping $51,677 was raised and needless to say we met our fundraising goal of $50,000.

We’re overwhelmed with the generosity and support of so many, please know your donations and support will help transform lives by keeping Nyora Studio open.

A summary of the art auction sales:


On behalf of the fundraising team and Nyora Studio, we offer our deepest heartfelt thanks to all the donors, artists across Australia and Aotearoa (NZ), buyers, supporters, friends and networks who supported our fundraisers to help keep Nyora open.

Emmy and Aldo, Nyora Studio

Brian Stevens, Claire Bridge, Emmy Mavroidis, Melody Spangaro, Jia Jia Chen, Julie Tipene-O’Toole, Nyora Studio Fundraising Team (artists supporting artists)

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