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Apply for the next Resident Artist Program at Nyora Studio Gallery 

Following the success of the previous Resident Artist’s Program’s we are excited to announce that, the call for applications are now open for the Resident Artist’s Program to be held at Nyora Studio Gallery a thriving centre for the Arts situated in the leafy northern suburb of Eltham.

Artist’s are offered the unique opportunity to focus on the growth and development of their own art practice, at Nyora Studio in an environment that nurtures & encourages self-directed, studio practice in the following:  drawing, painting, or sculpture.  

The program  is characterised by the artist’s work being presented in individual & group tutorials through out the year. Guest artists will be invited to participate in the tutorials offering the artist a broad perspective of artistic influences & views. The pinnacle of the experience takes the form in the Resident Artist Exhibition at Nyora Studio Gallery,  providing a resolution of the commitment to the year of investigation & exploration. We look forward to another very exciting year.  

If you would like more information or have further questions about the program contact Emmy Mavroidis, M: 0412054433

To apply to:

    • Resident Artist Program at Nyora Studio Gallery
    • Email Application to:
    • Your Application must include: Contact details: name, address, telephone, email, website (if applicable)   
    • A cover letter including: A brief background about your art practice to date. Your reasons for wanting to be included in the Resident Artist Program.  What you hope to get out of it.
    • CV
    • Support Material:  6- 8 images of your work – jpegs
  • Artist statement – what your work is about.

Key Dates:

    • Artist based committee for Nyora Studio Gallery consider all the applications
  • Short listed applicants will be asked to attend a meeting /interview.


Expectations of the participating artists are:

    • to develop a body of work that requires exploration  and analysis, 
    • to develop conceptual component of your art practice
    • materials, techniques and processes. 
    • sustained exploration and experimentation of ideas
  • culminating in a resolved body of artwork for inclusion in the Resident Artist Exhibition at Nyora Studio Gallery in 2020.


    • Facilities at Nyora Studio as required for the production of your art work for exhibition
    • Tutorials – individual  & group tutorials(Emmy Mavroidis, Aldo Bilotta. Guest & visiting Artist’s)
    • The studio and workshop – including technical assistance
    • The Exhibition
    • Nyora Studio Gallery – exhibition space rental – free to participating RAP artists
  • Nyora Studio Gallery   – database/ mailing list promotion of RAP exhibition

Not included:

    • Guest Artist fees (divided equally by all participants)
    • Gallery Sales commission – 30%
    • Exhibition – promotional material, advertising, wine,  food (divided equally by all participants)
  • Framing

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