“Run Like This” Exhibition by Emmy Mavroidis

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‘Run Like This’ 

Run Like This’ Is about looking to the energy and vitality shared by women as we look to define our position in the world we live in.

In recent history we have seen the meanings and connotations associated with femininity shifting. Today women are looking to redefine who they are, both as individuals and as a group. All the while trying to throw off long held perceptions of what femininity is. The question then is, for all the progress made, what does it now mean to run like a girl, a woman, a daughter, a mother, or an artist? The right to self-determination is a matter which plagues women throughout the world, transcending class, race, and religion.

These sculpture and drawings of the female form in movement, are worked directly from life.

Working quickly to capture movement leaves little room for what is unimportant or irrelevant. This sense of urgency becomes liberating. The chewy, stretchy character of this wax, suggests the ephemeral and the abstract nature of movement, which is captured and contained when the sculptures are cast in bronze.

This body of work is about exploring the many possible definitions through looking at the female figure and movement. These definitions of femininity need not be static, but instead running forward, both occupying space, and moving through it. In the end, what does it mean when I run like this?

Exhibition Opening: Saturday August 4th 2pm-4pm
Exhibition Dates: August 4th – September 2nd (Thursdays – Saturdays)
Gallery: Langford 120. 120 Langford Street, North Melbourne.