Montalto Sculpture Prize 2017

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We kick off the year with the news that Emmy Mavroidis’s life size bronze sculpture ‘Observing Ourselves – The Naked Self’ has been selected as a finalist in the Montalto Sculpture Prize 2017. Exhibition opens on 26th of February 2017, held in the Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove, Red Hill, Victoria. The exhibition goes til Sunday 29th October 2017. Affectionately known as ‘Mr’ the bronze been in the summer exhibition ‘Places’ where he has been welcoming visitors to Queenscliff Gallery Workshop.

Artist Statment:

Observing Ourselves – The Naked Self

‘What we do is a reflection of who we are. Our actions today affect what happens to us tomorrow. The cube is symbolic of everything that is man made. It has been made deliberately reflective in quality, absorbing all that surrounds it. We the viewer catch our own distorted reflection in it, reminding us that we are all here on this planet together.

The figure is seated on the ground next to the cube.  Not on top of it elevating his importance. He is sitting on the grass reminding us that we are all connected to the earth.  The naked self reflected.’  

Emmy Mavroidis