Artist Plan Drawers – Made to Order

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  1. I’ve been participating in some evnets hosted by Gary Rosenthal of the Gary Rosenthal Collection. He has been in the fine craft business for 30 years. I’m not sure if he does the ACC show but I know he just got back from the NY gift show. I personally have been in business for 5 years and have done shows like the Craftsmen Classics and Eastern Market.Personally I view the groups a little different. I view them as production(fine craft) and retail (diy). The first day or two of the ACC show in Baltimore is a wholesale show. Many Retail artists don’t yet have a staff or a product that they can reproduce for a profit. Many of the retail artists i know may have one or two wholesale accounts and mostly they are consignment. I think your blog and guide are great for teaching retail artists how to incorporate a wholesale business into their current structure.I think one of the biggest issues facing a retail artist when they want to take their business wholesale is money. First it’s the cost of the shows. There are many MANY good shows were retail artists make $500 to $1000 a day and the cost for their booth is $150 or less. I’m not sure exactly what the Acc booth fees are this year but i believe they are about $2000 for a 10 by 10 for 4 days. That’s $500 a day in booth fees it takes a lot of no production items to make that profitable. The second money issue concerning retail artists is wholesale terms. The wholesale buyers want at least net 30 . This means to the retail artists that they have to pay for the shows months in advance and then aren’t going to get paid for their items till 3o days after they send them. This is VERY VERY scary to a retail artist. I know you know all this Megan, I just think ACC needs to hear it. They have been in business for so long they may have forgot. I mention all of the wholesale stuff because that is how most of the retail artists i know view the ACC show.The biggest problem the ACC shows have for inspiring new retail artists to do their show are the fine artists they have now. What i mean by this is that every fine artist I’ve asked about the ACC shows have told me that they have been disappointed with their sales there. It makes retail artists think it is to risky to put up the money need to do the show.I personally find myself growing in to a production artist. My products are reproducible and i have my price point worked out and tested. I plan to do my first wholesale show this year. It will be the ABC Kids Expo. And yes, I’m Scared to death.Patrick

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